Monday, October 22, 2012

Express Yourself Meme

If you are here looking for the Letting Go Bloghop post look here!

Welcome back to Express Yourself week of Oct 22 - 25! This week’s Meme is only thru Thursday because out Blogfest, Spooktoberfest, Starts Friday the 26th!
Last weeks languages had me speaking in tongues! I loved everyone’s different styles of speech.
For this week’s post, Jackie and I would like for you to list 5 of your favorite monsters throughout history. This can be the ones the scare you the most. Or maybe the ones that you find the cutest. Whatever you want.
I’m going to stick with the Halloween theme and go with scariest! But in no particular order.
1.) Alien – This “mother” of all aliens can pop out like a million eggs of these other disgusting aliens that attach themselves onto your face so they can lay more babies inside of you! Ugh, gross! No thank you! Ripley was one bada$$ B*tch to want to face this thing over and over again.
2.) Pennywise – The clown from hell. *shiver* I really can’t even talk about this “bozo”. He freaks me out. DOWN WITH CLOWNS!
3.) Insidious’ Red-faced Demon – WTH! No, seriously What the hell! This guy. Makes. Me. Shutter. It’s like someone wanted to dress up like Darth Maul while being tossed around in the dryer. Not only was that movie on some serious steroids, but this guy wigged me the freak out!
4.) 30 Days of Night Vamps – These vampires neither sparkled nor shined. There was no Edward Cullen or Lestat de Lioncourt in sight. These are your hardcore, rip your heart out, need a depend, vamp. Alaska would be nice to visit during the day and then get me the hell outta there.
5.) Zombies – Uhhh, duh! Hello! McFly… well there will be tons of flies anyways. And guts, and brains, and sheesh – I think I’m trying to make myself sick here. You get my point. Zombies are not a new thing. They have been around since forever. Voodoo is known as some of the first magic to bring back the dead. Ever heard of a Revenant? But these are more of the spiritual aspect. When people start eating people by the thousands; come find me, I’ll be the one blowing everyone’s head off.
Happy moster hunting!


  1. Yes, I'm a loser since I didn't post two in one day the way you did. I was worried about trying to figure it out without messing it all up. And trust me, I would've messed it up royally. :( Mine's ready to go for tomorrow.

    Insidious was creeeeepy! And the 30 Days vamps were hardcore, no messing around type. So scary!

  2. One of my favorite movie monsters is Hannibal Lecter. He's creeeeepy!

  3. Those are some good monsters! Just in time for Halloween!

    Well, from the scary movie/book know how I feel about clowns! Ugh! Get out of my nightmares Pennywise! ha ha

  4. Aliens - I'd forgotten how terrible those are. When they pop out of the chest - Yuck!

  5. Oh my gosh... you are SO FUNNY, Dani... still laughing at number 5...

  6. Hi Dani, nice to meet you.
    Now those are some scary monsters. Today on the radio they had some people calling in to help a mom who's kids where afraid of monsters thus wanting to sleep with mom every night. One lady called to say she told her kids that monsters love dirt. So every night before bedtime they spray their room, under their bed and in the closet with that scented spray stuff advertized. She also has no issues with the kids keeping their room clean. Now that's inventive!

    I'm signed up for the Spooktocberfest.

  7. Clowns can be really creepy, and I've been scared of aliens since a certain Time Life commercial I saw when I was eight. I was so freaked out by it that that night in bed, I swear I saw a huge alien advancing towards me in the dark, and I screamed bloody murder.

  8. Clowns really freak people out don't they? Nice list Dani. Looking forward to Spooktoberfest next week!

  9. I'm with Morgan. You're so funny girl :)

  10. Remember when Bill Murray got slimmed in Ghostbusters? Now that was a creepy alien. Nice to meet you, Dani. I'm #192 on Alex's list.

  11. Yes, I am also not a enthusiast for clowns, but I did not include any in my choice this time.

  12. The Alien alien is totally creepy, agreed!


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