Monday, October 5, 2015

The Haunted Graveyard and Two Stolen Trucks

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Oct. 5-9: Where would be the scariest place to spend Halloween?

For me, probably in one of those overnight haunted house where they lock you in and see if you encounter ghosts.

Or a grave yard. One year my friends and I went to a graveyard on Halloween night to see if we could get any cheap ghost thrills out of the whole ordeal. We got a minor heart attack instead! A couple of guys that were supposed to go with us initially, cancelled at the last minute, claiming they had to take their siblings trick-o-treating. Well... instead they were dropped out at the graveyard ahead of time by another guy in our group and squatted until we all showed up later. While we were a few feet away from the pickup trucks, our two squatting friends quietly climbed into the trucks and took off in them.

Needless to say, we were all freaked out, especially us girls (cell phones weren't a thing then). We had no one to call until someone suggested we walk to the nearest house and call the cops. That's when, the one guy who dropped the two dudes off, had to come clean so no one got in trouble. About 15 minutes later, those two dorks, swung back by and picked us up.

Maybe I will tell the one about the Ouija board and the haunted jail later. I also have one which involves a Ouija board and a infamous haunted road.

And there is still time to sign up for Spooktoberfest HERE!


  1. LOL I said an overnight haunted place too! (with you!)

  2. We used to hold our breath while passing graveyards. lol The dumb things we did.


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