Monday, January 19, 2015

Express Yourself - 2014 Fave Movie

Express Yourself  is a weekly meme hosted by myself and Jackie. It's goal is to help our fellow bloggers get to know one another better by being nosey of course.

Each week we will find something different to post about. It will correlate with writing, blogging, and life in general. Then, we hope, you’ll follow suit and post what it is that motivates you.

This weeks question:

Jan. 19-23: What's your favorite movie you saw in 2014?

That's hard to choose!

My favorite one I saw in the theaters would have been Guardians of the Galaxy. I LOVED that movie!!



  1. I saw it two days after Christmas because I was sick in bed and had the time finally. It was great!

  2. That was a very funny movie. It would take so,e time for me to think back on an entire year. Nothing really pops out at me.

  3. That's one movie I really want to see! I just saw Interstellar and loved it! I also loved American Sniper and The Drop!!

  4. I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, but then I didn't go to the movies much last year.


  5. That was one of my favorites, too! I also liked Into the Woods which I saw for New Year's Eve. :)


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