Monday, December 2, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - Monday Edition

I didn't post on Friday cause we had a busy day/break. So I'm posting a Monday edition. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!
Well lets get started...

Had Thanksgiving at my in-laws. Which was good and relaxing. I even took a cat nap on the couch while listening to football.

Did some Black Friday shopping on Thankgiving night and Friday! Now, I'm almost done with my shopping. Yahoo!
Saturday the family went to the Festival of Trees and saw some amazing creations! My oldest daughter isn't in any of these because she was being "moody" and wanted nothing to do with it. lol. Teenagers, UGH!

Local sport team trees

Loved this Mardi Gras trees

This one is my fav! Movie/film tree

Me and my 2 sons by the Movie tree

Ky and Santa

Pirate tree. The pirate told a story that went with the pictures on the tree.

Lani wanted nothing to do with Santa.
And Sunday we laid around and did nothing! Just like I wanted.

Hope you all had a nice weekend/Thankgiving.


  1. Festival of trees - neat idea!
    I shopped on Friday as well, but from the safety of my chair in front of the computer.

  2. I miss going to the Festival of the Trees. It always make my Christmas a little more complete. I think my favorite part was the gingerbread house displays. So awesome!

  3. Your pictures always make me smile Dani!

  4. It looks like a lovely exhibit. I know some local museum in Upstate New York has a similar Christmas tree display every year, though it's been awhile since I last saw it. These days, I prefer to drive down a nearby dead-end street whose residents must pay the entire National Grid bill for the month of December, with their gargantuan street-wide display of lights and decorations. You can seriously see their lights from a mile away.


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