Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why Not Wednesday - 10 Things I'm Thankful For, Plus 10 More

The important people/things
  1. Soulmate - husband
  2. Offspring
  3. Parental Units
  4. Soultwin - everyone knows who she is! ;)
  5. Job Security
  6. Loyal friends (real & virtual)
  7. The time I had with my brother
  8. Memories
  9. Extended family and in-laws
  10. The ability to maintain the life I like to live
Now the fun stuff...
  1. Sweatshirts and jeans
  2. The ability to read - I like books
  3. Pajama pants - oh so comfy
  4. Fleece blankets - I swipe my kids' all the time
  5. Lake cottage - make summer time enjoyable
  6. Hot meals - because not everyone gets them
  7. Epic movies
  8. My favorite TV shows
  9. Good conversation - I can't fake it when I'm not interested (sorry)
  10. Snuggling with my kids - I have their blankets so they have to snuggle with me
Hope everyone has a great time off of work (if you get the time off) and if not, I hope you have a great time regardless. Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate and Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate (I'm craving some pumpkin pie!). And Happy Thanksukkah if you do both! And if you do none... well that's cool too, just have a happy week/weekend!


  1. Pajama pants. Can't live without them.

    And what a terrific idea. Stealing your kids blankets so they have to snuggle. :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. What great lists. ☺ Pajama pants, fleece blankets, and books on a cold winter day—that sounds like perfection to me!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Cute post. Fleece blankets and books are definitely something to be thankful for.

  4. Ooh, kid snuggling. =) I'm dreading the day when my littles are too big to cuddle with. One already is. Yikes!

    Love your lists!

  5. Love your lists - the perfect combo of heartfelt and fun. I have an odd little "thankful for" at the moment. I just happened across a channel that's showing Frankenweenie in 10 minutes. As I've been searching the dvd stores for it to no avail (we don't get much selection here), I'm ridiculously happy! Silly, huh? Have a great Thanksgiving! :-)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! It looks like you have a lot of awesome things to be thankful for! :)

  7. A Happy Thanks-whatever-you-do-back at you. And a thank you for the wonderful book "The Mystery of the Fool and the Vanisher", my prize for Spooktoberfest which I just received. It's really great and I'll be putting up a thank you feature very soon on my blog. Thanks again, Dani!

  8. oh, I am a fleece blanket person as well - and yes, hot meals, we shall not forget those who do not have those - love your list, blessings!

  9. A lot to be Thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Aww love the list :D
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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