Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thank You, Thirty-One Loves of Oct, Spooktoberfest

What's the Thank You for? It's for being a great community of support, encouragement, and emotions. Who would have thought I was going to grow up to be blogger. Definitely NOT ME! Who would have thought I was going to meet some of the most influential people through blogging? NOT I! But it happened. And I just want to say a big THANKS to all of you that stop by often (or when you can) and leave comments. Even if you know that I can be a crummy responder you still keep coming back. And I heart you for it.

I'm usually not so sentimental but when I go throughout my day and end up thinking about you guys during my day, something has to be said about your impact on my life. Strange, huh? Maybe this should have been an IWSG. Hmmm...

Thirty-One Love of October: Day 22:
Freddy vs Jason vs Michael ... which one is worse?

Spooktoberfest starts this Friday!
If you haven't signed up yet, get on it. You have until midnight on the 28th to join and submit your flash fiction entry to be eligable for some really fun and great prizes!

Go here to sign up and see what all the hub-bub is about! You will be happy you did!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I love the old school Halloween movies. It wasn't about blood and guts (like a lot of horror tends to use)... It was the suspense, the not knowing where he was or when he was going to pop up next!. :D
    Can't wait for Spooktoberfest. I wrote my little piece yesterday. It was flippin hard to come up with something! LOL We are some crazy hosts, huh?

  2. That's okay if you're a crummy responder. You still tweet me good movies to watch, so it's okay. :)

    Freddy, Jason or MM. Who's worse? Easy: Freddy. Okay, sometimes J &M do the sneak attack, but really, if you can't outrun them when they're chasing you, something's wrong with your legs--they walk so damn slow. (But still end up catching the person)

    And Freddy. He can always just hop from here to there it seems. And that glove, red/black sweater and hat.

    I was just watching some N on Elm St movie the other day. Not sure which number, 4 or 5. And I think the creepiest scene is when we find out how Freddy was spawned. In case you don't remember. His mother, the nun at the insane asylum is locked in with 100 crazy men. And the minute those doofs shut the door on her and all the crazies turn and stare at her, it's like OMG. Funny that the scariest scene to me in those movies does not involve death, but is also something that could be so real. (I still don't believe that some guy can jump through your dreams to murder you--in real life-- so most of his movies are total fantasy. :) But that scene could really happen.)

    Boy. Got a little windy today, didn't I? :)

  3. Can't wait to read all the stories for Spooktoberfest!


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