Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooktoberfest Begins Today!

TODAY IS THE DAY! Spooktoberfest has arrived and will continue on through the weekend and until midnight, Monday the 28th.

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Let's get on with it shall we...

Rumplstiltskin and the Baby

the Dark Forest

The night was chilled with the impeding storm. She sat by the fire, swaying and chanting. Even before he forced open the door, his arrival was known.
“You wretched girl! What have you done to me?” His belly gorged with life.
“Did you not say, Mr. Stiltskin, you wanted my first born?” A wicked smile burned across the face of the girl who spun straw into gold.
She sauntered over to the old tramp who now rested his hands upon his belly. “This is not what I meant!” He bellowed.
“I recently summoned a man-caller,” the burn of her smile grew, “and oh what a man.” She paused at his ear. “You get my meaning?”
Her breath sent shivers down his spine. “You have to help me get it out you witch! After all – I did do you a favor once.”
“A favor? Ha! You blackmailed me you silly little troll. Next time make sure you know which devil you’re making a deal with.”
Mr. Rumpelstiltskin felt the pang of her baby kick his womb. “Oh!” he moaned as he ran out in to the cold and in to the Dark Forest.
She laughed her way to the door watching him waddle as he loped. “Grimm!” She called.
Her large mastiff bounded to her side. “Grimm, follow.” She commanded.
Stiltskin ran as hard as he could, knowing he wouldn’t make it very far. The girl he once knew was not a little girl anymore.
Stupid him. He knew one day his trickery on others would be his undoing. He never thought it would be like this. He needed help. There was no way this baby could be delivered – naturally. Bile rose in his throat from the thought.
Another kick from the creature inside sent him to his knees.
He knew what he had to do.
His knife felt familiar yet alien in his hands. “I have to do this. I can do this,” he mumbled.
“No need,” the girl’s voice purred from the shadows.
His back stiffened with fear, the hair on his neck like needles.
“Grimm, lay him down please.” Grimm pulled Stiltskin to the ground by his collar, his bare belly praying to the sky.
“No please!” Rumple begged. Grimm slammed his paw down on the old man’s face, shutting him up for the last time.
He squirmed as only the meager troll could but the girl was determined to get that which she desired. He felt the tug of the knife and then the wail of a baby.
“There, there,” the girl crooned. “Why, Stiltskin, you’re the surrogate of a beautiful baby girl.”
The world was slipping from him now, but not before he heard –
“Grimm, eat.”
Finally the girl had her child as expected. Her daughter will grow up strong and wise and no man will take her from her mother like her own father did.
“I think I’ll call you Maleficent.”

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and and even better weekend!


  1. Oh, wow, that was awesome! What a great story of poetic justice!

  2. Gah! I love fairytale retellings. This one is creepy, but awesome!

  3. Wow, very good! Very creepy, yes, I agree, but very good. I liked it.

    Hello Dani, long time no see, right? I've come to say hi but also to ask you to drop by the cave and pick up a very special invitation with your name on it. You're in my Guests of Honor list and I would be very happy if you are with me in this celebration I'm planning for my dearest blogger buddies. I hope to see you there. Dragon Hugs!

  4. This almost too high a punishment for Rumple. Excellent job on the creepy factor Dani.

  5. Oh how delicious! Loved it, such an imagination Dani! You do honor to your blogfest!

  6. Entertaining and creepy, just in time for Halloween!

  7. Eeeeekk!! That was so creepy and scary and downright EVIL! And that's what I love to read!! Kudos to you for this awesome Halloween story. :-)

  8. An interesting, if somewhat scary take on the prompts!

  9. Love the twist on the classic fairy tale, what a great idea! :)

  10. Oh creepy - good one! I have a new one up tomorrow, Sunday!

  11. A wonderful return to a wicked fairy tale. The twisting of his curse was a clever and decidedly bad-fairy approach. So pleased with this blog and will be following it for future reads. Cheers!

  12. Love this Maleficent origin story. Cool idea.

  13. Wow! What a fantastic twist on the classic fairytale! Loved this!

  14. Dang, that's pretty fierce! Glad to see the sistahs doin it for themselves! :-)

    My Spooktoberfest entry's scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks for hosting it again!

  15. Cool story. Glad to see that guy get his due. :)

  16. Whoa! Talk about payback! Love it, my kinda girl! Awesome story!

  17. I like the twist you put on this. Well done.


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