Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spooktoberfest and Zombies

Today I'm hoping to bring two of my favorite subjects together: Halloween, or blog-friendly, Spooktoberfest and Zombies.

Let's start with the one that involves less cardio, shall we.

With the oncoming of the spookiest holiday of the year, Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and myself are bringing sexy back – er – SPOOKTOBERFEST back this October. We had a great turnout last year and gave away some amazing prizes!

To find all of the gory details click here!

Now on to the more adrenaline related topic. Zombies  have been giving us humans a run for our money lately. And I mean that in the most punly way possible. The reanimated have made a comeback in the recent years and they seem to be going nowhere anytime soon. From comics, TV series and movies, to Zombie Walks and 5k's.

Let's talk about one of those 5k's in a little more detail. A summer ago I participated in Run For Your Lives zombie 5k which literally took my 5k experience to another level. Not only did I have to concentrate on my breathing and timing (cause I have asthma) but I also had to sprint in bursts and climb, crawl, jump, turn, scream, climb some more, be electrocuted, scream a couple of more times - you get my drift. Time flew and I had a blast while being chased by swarms of faux-brain-starved-undead.

Run For You Lives hosts all over the country and even in some other countries as well. I promise, they will be coming to a town near you! If you are interested visit their website here!

Plus zombies would be a great topic for Spooktoberfest! IMO anyways.

Have a great Thursday! And make sure you are keeping your cardio up. BTW, I bought World War Z (I watched it in the theaters) and I'm excited to have added to my zombie collection! Woot!


  1. I've never participated in a zombie run but I bet it's fun.

  2. Yeah I'll skip the electrocution part. Cool that you ran a 5k much less a zombie one. Zombies are definitely in. So is horror, those movies have been making a killing on the box office this year.

  3. Zombies really do seem to be everywhere lately. (Even Archie Comics are doing their own spin on them!) Had no idea that there were zombie-themed races, too. Crazy-cool!


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