Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebrating My Week is Almost Over

Ahhh, it's Friday! I can't believe it's here already! Woot!  VikLit always puts on a great Friday celebration! 
This week... hmmm I really don't have anything way over the top to celebrate. Let see what I can fish out of my memeory banks... 

  • Well Jackie and I always seem to wait until the last week of each month to come up with our Express Yourself Meme list for the following month. I think we have silently agreed that we both work better under pressure. Maybe? *shrugs* But nonetheless the October EYM list is ready and is as follows...

  • Another stressed out week this time for heath issues dealing with my husband. We will hopefully find out answers today. He already has Crohn's which might have contributed to this little stint. It's just one of those things.
  • A friend at work let me borrow his Star Trek movie so I watched it over the weekend. I couldn't sleep one night so it was like 2:30am when I started watching it. Scottie is definitely one of my favorites! Right off the bat I knew what was going to be used to save someones life. It was predictable but I still teared up. I'm such a geek. And then in return I let him borrow my World War Z.
  • My 13 yr old wanted to watch WWZ and I let her, it's not gory and I thought if she can handle The Walking Dead then she can most definitely handle WWZ. She literally sat on top of parts of my body - you know, "just in case". But she really loved it and even shouted at the screan a couple of times, "DON'T LEAVE THE CROWBAR YOU DOPE!" and even caught on to the little things that some adults didn't even get the first time around, "They just past him up. He must have something." I was rather surprised at how much she was calculating in her brain. Usually she is the child who says, "I don't get it," or, "I'm confused," but she's also the one who brings home straight A's. My 15 year old said he had too much homework and would watch it later.


  1. I think I work best under pressure too.

    Either than or I just procrastinate too much. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I procrastinate way too much too. Looming deadlines are a great motivator!

  3. I work best under pressure as well. And I always mean to stop procrastinating, but I never seem to get to it...

    Haven't seen WWZ, but I'm thrilled to know there's no gore. That's my least favorite thing about The Walking Dead.

  4. Working under pressure gets me going too! Stressful energy lol

    Hope you and your husband do get answers so he can be better ;)

    I haven't watched WWZ yet, but I cannot wait for The Walking Dead to start again!!!

  5. I do some of my best work under pressure. No idea why. Your son is quite responsible and it's nice that you and your daughter got to enjoy a movie together. Wish your husband gets well soon.

  6. I work best under pressure. Give me a deadline and I'll crush it. Let me meander my own way and I'll procrastinate until the cows come home...

  7. Huge Star Trek Fan :-) and yes I enjoyed WWZ it was one of the most believable zombie movies ever.

  8. Hi Dani!! I came by to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog the other day with the Blitz Team, and almost forgot! Your site is amazing. I love all things zombie related, you have SO much interesting stuff here and it's just BEAUTIFUL! You've definitely gained a follower. But, before I really forget, thank you again for your visit and your kind words. Lily :)

  9. Wow, 1 year! Mazel tov! :D

    I loved the new Star Trek, but it was late when I watched, so I missed 10 or so minutes in the middle. >.<

    I hope your hubby recovers.


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