Friday, September 20, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - Bridges & Skies on Fire

Ahhh, it's Friday! I can't believe it's here already! Woot!  VikLit always puts on a great Friday celebration! 
This week... 

  • I've had a busy couple of weeks. My Mon., Tues., Weds., the past two weeks have been grooling so I hope I have no more of those. And it's not like it's life and death things, it's just really dumb things that take my usual nights to a whole other place. Like my daughters' science partners don't help her with their toothpick bridge so I'm up late with her piecing the thing together and then I get up at 3am to finish it for her cause I feel bad. Stuff like that. I really hate school and I'm not even in it anymore. Or that the Jeep needed repairs so I had to drive all overs God's green Earth to deliver my husband to his desired places. Arg! (below are the pictures of my daughters finished toothpick bridge - she wanted do more but we needed more time)

  • I am happy about this weekend though. My hubby isn't working OT and since it's a late Colts game on Sunday, I'm having a few family members over to make wreaths. And I'm hoping I get to watch the new Star Trek movie that a friend from work let me borrow.
  • On Wednesday, as I was dropping my Jeep off to be repaired, I took this picture of the glorious sky here in Indiana that morning. There were all kinds of pictures floating all over FB and the local news but this was version.
    The sky was on fire in the East...

    ...and a double rainbow in the West. You can barely see the second rainbow just above the bright one.


  1. Great pics of the sunrise and rainbows!
    Cyrus has to do an Egyptian mask, due in a few weeks so I feel your pain! Lol

  2. Wow the sky really does look fiery!
    The double rainbow made me smile and that toothpick bridge is really cool ;)

  3. Oh wow, look at that sky! I actually thought it was a picture of a fire before I looked at it properly.

  4. That sky was amazing.

    I got the chance to watch the Star Trek movie this past week. Loved it just as much as I did in the theater.

  5. Have fun making wreaths, taking pics of nature and getting the jeep fixed.

  6. That sky is amazing!

    The toothpick bridge looks good!

  7. The toothpick bridge looks great, you are clearly an awesome mum. Also loved your pictures of that beautiful sky and double rainbows. My son gets so excited by rainbows, so I may have to pop back over here tomorrow to show him, as he is in bed for the night now.

  8. I love your photos and your bridge. Sounds like a pretty good week all in all. I am celebrating at Laugh Quotes

  9. Great photos!

    Blek. I hated group projects in school. Apparently the group project thing is spilling over into college courses these days. I feel for my coworkers who are going back for advanced degrees.

  10. Gorgeous sunrise pics! And wow, congrats to you and your daughter; that bridge looks pretty meticulously put together!
    Some Dark Romantic

  11. Love the sunrise pictures. You don't catch ones like that very often.


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