Monday, September 9, 2013

Express Yourself - Hobbies, Talents, Crafty

Express Yourself is a weekly Meme hosted by my friend Jackie and myself. We do this every week to learn more about our fellow bloggers and so far we have met some very talented and wonderful people!

This week Jackie and I are asking: What is something crafty / handy you do or wish you did?

I don't know if it's a popular thing but Jackie and I used to do monthly meetings with some of our family members under the unbrella company of Stampin' Up. It's a scrapbooking and crafting group. We had a blast making things like scrapbooking pages, picture frames, invites, keepsake box, etc. Our group has since disbanded but in a few weeks a couple of us are getting together to make wreaths and then next month we are all getting together to make holiday wreaths.

On a side note: I used to work with Jackie at her flower shop and made floral arrangements which I consider pretty crafty since I had never done it before and Jackie was the perfect teacher!

I also design all of my own tattoos. Jackie & I drew up our matching foot tats. (Saying in ribbon: Vous inspire' celui-ci (You inspire this one)) The ribbon and saying come from a book series... can you guess which one? I have a sketch book full of drawings and sketches of my brother and husband and family members, more tat ideas, sceneries, etc.

Let me brag about Jackie for a second since I know a few of her talents... she has an eye for the perfect floral arrangement. When it came to Stampin' Up she could throw colors together like nobody's business and it came out amazing. She is a wonderful author who can make you fall in love with her writing. She's a bowler and can bowl me under the rug any day. And if being a patient mamma and wife is a talent, she's got that in the bag! She's a pretty forgiving and amazing friend too.

What are you talents, hobbies, etc? Please share!

Have an awesome Monday!!


  1. Danielle...I'm like a blubbering mess right now! Thank you so much for the kind words. You must have known I needed this (MM and all) because I've been feeling pretty eh and bleh lately. Thanks for your friendship! ♡
    P.S. you're the stampin' up queen, for sure.

  2. To Jackie: Aw, hehe.

    Those are really pretty tats!

  3. I love how simple yet pretty those tattoos are.

    My big crafty thing is embroidery and cross-stitching. I once had to go through a huge ordeal of saving my little embroidery scissors from El Al customs, but it was totally worth it.

  4. Fun, I love crafts. I make dollhouse miniatures when I'm not writing.

  5. Fun bloghop! I love being crafty. Awesome tats =)

  6. I always wanted to play guitar. Now I do!

  7. I am so not a flower person--allergies and all. My poor hubby has to buy me cheese instead of roses.

    Hobbies, eh? Vocal performance. Playing piano. Orchestral composition. Teaching. Reading. And need I mention writing--or better yet that should be called an addiction-gone-career. ;)

    I'll never think about your foot quite the same way. :P

  8. Wow, you design your own tattoos? Very cool!

  9. Love those tattoos- Never tried to scrapbook before- have made cards and envelops, but never did an album or anything. I have an awesome older lady who lives next door to me who took me under her wing and taught me all those things that people don't do anymore like knitting, heirloom sewing, candle and soap making, etc. She is the best.

  10. Not so crafty. I scrapbook, but I don't get too fancy and when I'm done with this one, I'm going digital.

    I wish I could paint or draw though.

  11. Jackie must be a wonderful friend. Her talents sound fun and delightful! I used to sew my own clothes and costumes as a hobby, but I don't really have time to do more than hem or darn holes in socks now! lol


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