Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fests, A to Z, and Express Yourself Updates

G’day to you on this fine Wednesday!
Lots of news today so let’s get rockin’ shall we…
March 1st will be busy day: Kyra Lennon and Clare Dugmore are hosting The Bloghop of Joy!
March 18th Alex J. Cavanaugh is bringing us the Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest!

March 21st David Macaulay and Mina Lobo are hosting The Big Reveal

These are the only Fests I'm doing for the month of March. I need to finish my April posts and other projects that are coming up.

April is approaching and most of us know what that entails - #atozchallenge! Check out Blogging from A to Z Challenge blog for all the updates and on Twitter @AprilA2Z
Also follow all the co-hosts:
Arlee Bird                     Tossing It Out                  @ArleeBird
Damyanti Biswas           Amlokiblogs                     @damyantig
Alex J. Cavanaugh        Alex J. Cavanaugh             @alexjcavanaugh 
Tina Downey                 Life is Good                     @TinaLifeisGood
DL Hammons                 Cruising Altitude 2.0         @DL_H
Jeremy Hawkins            Retro-Zombie                   @iZombieJMH
Shannon Lawrence        The Warrior Muse            @thewarriormuse
Matthew MacNish          The QQQE                        @MatthewMacNish
Konstanz Silverbow       No Thought 2 Small         @KonstanzS
Stephen Tremp             Breakthrough Blogs          @StephenTremp
Livia Peterson               Leave it to Livia               @LiviaGPeterson
L. Diane Wolfe              Spunk on a Stick               @SpunkOnAStick 
Nicole  Ayers                 The Madlab Post               @madlabpost

  • This year I volunteered to be a minion. I was lucky enough to be picked by a co-host I know and follow and enjoy – but I am waiting for her to make the announcement herself before I do. I can't wait to see what our badge looks like. So far - what I've seen - the badges are pretty cool looking for each group!
  • I got so excited that I created a sub-header just for the April challenge. Yes it gives away the best part of my challenge topics but that’s the best part. I really wanted something that blatantly lets everyone know what I am presenting each day thru the month of April - if they miss The Big Reveal blogfest I mentioned above.
    •  they know right off the bat what I’m doing
    • visitors can decide to keep reading my posts or skip it – no hurt feelings
    • and, well, I think it’s rocks
  •  Turn off your CAPTCHA! I have blogged about this recently and it cannot be stressed enough - at least for the month of April. I promise Blogger will catch the spammers.
  • Also, Shannon posted about adding a Hyperlink Signature to your comments. This makes returning a comment faster and easier. Check it out and see if it is something that you would like to add to your routine during A to Z.
Throughout April, Jackie and I will be continuing our Express Yourself Meme. How? We are not quite sure yet but we will keep you posted and we promise it will be easy. Perhaps as simple as: What is your favorite letter this week? Easy, right? Right!

You want to join? Click on the Tab above and sign up - it's a one time sign up.

Also... March's EYM posts are...

Stop back on Friday for TWO BLOGFEST/HOPS and CELEBRATE the SMALL THINGS meme!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I'm doing three of the five hops you mentioned, as well. Grats on minion-ing...I'm doing that, too :)

  2. Thanks for the bloghop shout out; much appreciated. :D

  3. Lots of good links in this post! I'm in at least 1 or 2 of these...also getting ready for A - Z, so not planning on doing much more than that at the moment. Best of Wednesday to you! :)

  4. Sweet bloghops. Can't wait yet dread A-Z at the same time.

  5. Holy Bloghops Batman! What happened to blogworld while I was away? LOL.

    I'm hoping I can do A to Z this year. It all depends on if I finish before my deadlines! Ack!

  6. Lots of fun blog hops...thanks for updating. I love your express yourself meme- will have to start joining in. :) Have an amazing day:)

  7. I'm so emailing you to see your subheader for a-z... I can't wait! :)

  8. I'm doing the BACK TO THE FUTURE blogfest on Friday. I can only handle one at a time. :)

  9. Hey, thanks for pimping our hop! (Uh...I'm sure you know what I mean.) ;-)

    And you made your own banner??? That's awesome; you got mad skills, yo.

  10. Wow there is a lot of news/going on. I'm glad you're going to be a minion. I still haven't settled on a theme. Big time waffling on topics over here. Decisions, decisions...

    I've joined Kyra and Clare's Bloghop of Joy on Friday and Alex's top 10 movies. I think that's all I can do, for now.


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