Friday, November 9, 2012

Super Sweet Blogger Award

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Laura @ My Baffling Brain awarded me with the Super Sweet Blogger Award!

Sweet related questions? This is my kind of award!

Cookies or Cake?
I like Cake w/out frosting. But I also love chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate or vanilla what exactly?
I like chocolate candies as in Reese’s or bars.
I like vanilla cake or flavoring as in coffee.

What is your favorite sweet treat?
Reese’s Piece’s or anything minting.

When do you crave sweet things most?
I would have to agree with Laura… after a large meal. I always go for something sweet after I’ve consumed something salty and filling.

If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?
My dad always called me “punkin” I’ve always been fond of it. I find it sweet.

I'm awarding this to anyone that's feeling sweet enough to tell us about their sweet tooth! I know, how generic. Thanks again, Laura!

Have a great Weekend!


  1. Reeses Pieces are so good on ice cream. Yum!

    Congrats on your award!

  2. You're welcome. Our answers were quite similar :)

  3. Vanilla with strawberry jello. I'm an oatmeal cookie girl. Congrats on award and Laura showed up, how sweet.

  4. Ah -now, I'm craving something sweet! :)


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