Thursday, November 29, 2012

Express Yourself December Edition

December is in 2 days – give or take, depending on where you live, and with that comes and new Express Yourself Meme banner!

For the month of December we want to know...
Dec. 3-7: What is your most Memorable Holiday Gift? It can be anything. From your earliest memories to your most current.
Dec. 10-14: What would be your Dream Winter Getaway? Sick of being stuck in the same place and having cabin fever? Or maybe you don't mind the cold but wanna do something in the snow? We wanna know.
Dec. 17-21: What are a few of your Favorite Holiday Songs? I only really like a couple but you can name as many as you like. Some holiday songs just get you in the mood.
As stated in the banner... Jackie and I have decided to only prepare 3 weeks of EYM during the month of December because of the Holiday Season. With all of the festivities and whatnot, we didn't want to be under so much pressure. Not only that, but we didn't want our loyal EYM'ers to be either.
Side note: Next Monday is a busy blogging day for me so I will post my Memorable Holiday Gift on Tuesday.
Mondays blogs: Kyra Lennon stops by to share an except and some info on her new book Blindsided. And I will also be participating in the And You Are? Bloghop.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I want to participate in this month's blog hop! I could answer every question right now and not run out of answers....My favorite time of the year is here! I'm so excited!

  2. This is such a good idea! Just getting back into the swing of things after the month bloggy break. Hope things are good with you my dear! :)


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