Monday, November 26, 2012

Express Yourself - Perfect Imperfections

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thankgiving - if you celebrate it, that is.

The last EYM entry for the month of November; we are wanting to know... List 5 imperfections about yourself; things that bug others but are part of what makes you - you.

Everyone has those ticks or quirks that just drives other batshit crazy. I'm no exception. Here are my 5.

1.  I can be loud. Yeah, I talk loud, laugh loud, etc. But not in places like churches, the movies or a library. Mostly in restauraunts, at the dinner or when I'm drinking.

2.  I swear. Ok I said it. I'm half girl - half sailor. My dad likes to say I'm half German, quarter Irish, and quarter French... I'm bound to have eternal conflict. Ha. Ha. I call them "Sentence Enhancers".

3.  I know what buttons to push. Oh come on... who doesn't do this... on purpose? Please... you know you do. The only difference between me and other people in my family... I know how to do it well. And my kids and hubby HATE it. I can make any one of them talk without them realizing it.

And here are two imperfections I am working on...

4.  Being too honest. I am very honest with another person. Please don't ask me to be honest with you unless you really want it. Maybe I need a class in Being Kosher 101 or something but I will tell exactly what I think is wrong your outfit, makeup, WIP, idea, etc. Here's the twist... I'm horrible on the return. Unless I ask for it, I don't want you to be honest back.

Example: You ask me to be honest to you so I am, but then you turn around and say something "honest" about me without me asking for a "critique" -- I hate that! I should be more open about it since I was honest about you but like I said - I'm working on biting my tongue on this one. Again I didn't ask for your opinion - and this is where my defensiveness comes in.

5. Passive aggressive. I know, it's kind of the oxymoron to #4. But I can be very passive and apparently this annoys some people. Unless it's something I'm interested in or passionate about... Frankly my dear's I really don't give a d@amn. No really, I. Don't. Care. And this is another problem... knowing the difference between being passive aggressive or not caring. You decide I guess.

And there you have it. 5 things that I know drive others batshit crazy. However, I'm perfectly content with being imperfect <-- this is one thing I don't have a problem with.


  1. Perfect is over-rated! :)

    Somehow me and my non-loud husband have produced a loud daughter. (Who is 6 tomorrow). No matter what we do, we just can't tone down her voice. She's a talker and her voice just naturally carries. I'm a little more used to it, but the husband isn't as much.

  2. Only the swearing would bother me, kind of. I like honest people and I'm someone who doesn't ask for honesty unless I really want to hear it. If I have the slightest doubt I just talk then skirt away from the answers. *whispers* Stealthy. Ok, not really. And it's better to be Passive Aggressive than Overly Aggressive. I've watched enough talk shows to know this. Some people are just nuts.

  3. Ah, the loudness and swearing by you... music to my ears. LOL :D

  4. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  5. This is a great post. I really like the way that you write.

  6. Pushing buttons could be kind of fun ;)
    I think honesty's good as long as it's not 'meanly meant' honesty. So... we'll always know where we stand with you, huh?

  7. My son has an exceptional talent with pushing buttons, I hate it!

    I can relate to the being loud, especially after a couple of drinks!


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