Monday, November 5, 2012

Express Yourself - Playlist

This weeks Express Yourself meme (Nov. 5-9) is all about the playlists.

Whether it be in regards to your WIP or your Non-fictional life; we all have a playlist.

While writing some of us listen to music which gets our writing mojo pumping.

In real life there are those songs and lyrics that sing to our souls. Something within these tracks vibrates us to our cores and brings out something alive within our beings.

A lot of those songs which push in our non-fictional life are what also drive our fictional one as well.

Here is my fictional (if I was to do a real life playlist; we would be here all day) playlist for my WIP Occupiers

Quick Synopsis (needs work like everything else) :

Seventeen year old Reese never had a reason to question her powers before. She chalked it up to being different like her mother. But then her absent father shows up one day with her twin, Rena, who displays the same abilities and a story of an alien planet, Ury, full of Earths doppelgangers. The very idea is ridiculous, impossible, and far-fetched. However, try telling that to Reese who thinks anything is possible.

After learning they are not the only Twinning left with abilities, Reese and Rena must now travel through time to find The Merged. Hidden in the cracks of the past, the others hold the key and the power to the future. The girls will not only find Time Flashing difficult to master but even more daunting to complete on a different planet. Can The Merged be saved before too much time passes?

Two planets merge. One holds peace. One holds pain. Can two girls hold it together?

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  1. Cool synop, and love the playlist that goes with it!

  2. I don't make playlists for my stories. But there is a song out now that hits me for the theme of my current NaNo WIP. I imagine if I wanted to make a playlist, I would waste too much time looking for those perfect songs!

  3. I've never made a playlist before! It does sound fun...

    I am inspired by music though... perhaps that's where I can start! ;-)

    And the synopsis sounds GREAT.

  4. Oh, "Eyes On Fire" comes up for me often when writing. I love the song "Aerials", I need to recopy it to my computer--for some reason it didn't copy right the first time and I lost my CD. And I just got back on a kick of Evanescence. I'll have to look some of these up. :D Great list!

    My Playlist

  5. Great music, and it's cool how you presented the list. Awesome work!

  6. Love Evenescence and Rage Against the Machine!

  7. There are some tracks on there that I am familiar with and others I'm not. I'm going to have to start making a playlist playlist!




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