Friday, June 1, 2012

Mean Mom Alert

A few weeks back I walked into my daughters' room and she was taking FB pictures so I asked to look at them...

"Uh huh. You are not posting these. What is up with you girls and these stupid poses?"

Insert irritating voice here "But mom, everybody is doing it. You're soooo mean."

I walked away.

You know the ones...

The eternal sad face, the tongue (pull your shirt up), and - Oooo the tongue and a peace sign (multi-tasker)
but that's not all... you also have the DUCK FACE which is the most revaulting!

Please STOP THE MADNESS. Leave the duck face to cast of Duck Tales, Donald Duck, Darkwing Duck, and you know... real ducks.

So to show her how stupid it looks I took these. Don't laugh, I have no makeup on... ok, you can laugh... I did

Sad face, tongue, and duck face slash peace sign.

So being the mean mom that I am. I took these, walked back up to my daughters' room and said

"For every one of those pictures you post, I'll post one of mine and tag you in each one so your friends can see them."

Again, insert whiny voice here, "Mooooommmmm, you can't do that!"

"Why not? You said EVERYONE is doing it."

This is the picture she posted... 

 Smart girl!

Minecraft! Ugh...

My son is addicted. No joke. It's his crack.

I walk in the door from work and the first thing is NOT "Hi", "I love you", or "What's for dinner". It's "Can I get on the computer? Pleeeeeeease!"

"Yea yea, whatever."

It's an everyday routine and I really don't care. He should just stop asking and get on.

After he sits at the PC, he starts skyping cause, you know, you can't play any game now-a-days without talking to the person you're playing with. May it be Xbox live or your phone or your iPod. After I hear him say "Are you on?" then I know he is not talking to me anymore for the next 3 hours. No joke, the kid can play that game for 3 hours.

Then the words spawning, looting, griefing, the nether, pillaring, boosters, mining, creepers, zombies, skeletons, slimes, spiders, jockies, ghasts, pigmen, etc.

I heard the word spawning and ask if it's about fishing. His friends laughed and he was mortified. Little did he know - I was serious.

They play for hours until one of them steals from the other and then I only get to hear one side of the arguement. Arg!

My son sits there with his ear buds in so he can hear them but I can't. Then on top of the ear buds (which are for skyping) he has an even bigger pair of headphones ON TOP of the ear buds so he can hear the game. Really?!

The catch - they can hear everything I say. Last night I apparently said something amusing cause my son tells the girl (Ash - from Seattle) that I am NOT funny.

He mutes his iPod "Mom stop. They think you're funny!"

"God forbid. They? I thought you were talking to Ash."

"I'm on a conference call with Ash and Keviel (from Cali)."

"A conference call? For crying out loud."

He gets back on and says, "Everybody thinks she's funny. I don't get it." And when I don't walk away he mouths the words You're so mean!

If I'm mean that means I'm doing a good job right?! Who doesn't want a funny parent?


  1. You're not a mean mom for doing those things. You're being a parent. And being funny at the same time. :)

    Caleb and Gabe should play Minecraft together! Then you and I could crack jokes thru the mic. Sounds like fun to me!!! :D For real! I'm being totally serious.

  2. That is genius! All parents should do this, then there would be far less ridiculous duck faces on FB!

  3. I'm filing away your tips for when my kids get to be that age. :) Love this post!

  4. Too funny! I love your duck face. ;) I have a friend who tells her kids she went to Mean Mom school, and graduated top in her class!

  5. You are so cool! That's a great idea w/FB. It would've gone nowhere if you'd argued, but saying you'd post your silly pics... Terrific.

    I agree with Dana, I have to file that one away.

  6. This is fantastic. I especially love your duck face. :)

  7. There was a facebook post going around titled something like "Dumb poses that all girls do"

    Very true, and your post about your daughter's picture is just as funny.

  8. That's pretty clever. My daughter does that but it usually is with a group of her friends and they all look silly which somehow makes it seem better. kind of like the ones we used to do in the mall in the little photo booth kiosk!

  9. Hey, there's awards for you on my blog. :)

  10. Bwahaha, love those pics of you! Way to teach her. :D

    There's something on my blog for you...

  11. This made me crack up! Sometimes I look back at the pictures I posted and I'm like, what was I DOING?!

  12. This is hilariously funny! I think our sons are twins or something! :=) Congrats on being a mean mom! LOL!

  13. I'm DYING!!!!! Oh my gosh those pictures are awesome! You should post them anyway. Your duck lip is so sexy :)

  14. Thanks everyone! This was a fun post and I'm glad that some of you bookmarked for future child-rearing. Hopefully society has moved on from dumb FB pictures to something a little less redonkulous!


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