Monday, June 18, 2012

First Fight/First Kiss WINNERS!

It’s Monday morning and I was agonizing ALL weekend over this blogfest.

ALL of the First Fight/First Kiss posts were superb. I literally didn't pick the winner until this morning. It was that hard! I loved them all; from the WIP excerpts, to the Real Life posts, and even that super romantic poem.

I also want to say how much I enjoyed reading everyones posts. Everyone writes so different which is a wonderful thing. I love the different styles. It keeps things interesting and proves stereotypes in writing don't exist and don't give up on writing just because you get turned down. Eventually you will find the perfect fit agent or who knows. Being an Indie writer isn't so bad either.

On to the Winners!

Prizes! Jackie and I will each pick our favorite scene from each day. That’s 4 prizes total, folks. What are the fabulous gifts for the winners? $10 email-giftcards to Amazon or Barnes & Noble so you can choose that book you’ve been wanting or download it to your Kindle or Nook.

Fight Entry

Honorable Mentions and winners of the HM badge: #10 Writing With Hope, #28 James Anderson Blog, & #32 Pen and Chocolate

Winner of the giftcard and Winner Badge: #33 My Pet Blog

Kiss Entry
Honorable Mentions and winners of the HM badge: #10 Writing With Hope, #25 A. J. Locke, & #33 My Pet Blog

Winner of the giftcard and Winner badge: #4 Thardrandian Thoughts



Check out who my awesome co-host - Jackie @ Bouquet of Books - winners are here!

Thanks to everyone for partaking in our very first blogfest/hop. I can tell you that we will be coming up with new hops in the future.

TO THE WINNERS... Please contact me at to receive your giftcards!


  1. Well done to the winners!! Thanks for hosting the fest, I really enjoyed it! :D

  2. Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions, very deserving.

  3. Congratulations to the winners... and thanks for a fun blog hop.

  4. This was awesome you guys! One of the best blogfests I've participated in! So so so fun!

    And congrats to the winners! Esp. my girl Hope!!

  5. This is great! I am excited to receive honorable mention. Thanks for a great blogfest experience. Hopefully we can all do it again sometime.

  6. Congrats everyone and thanks for the honorable mention!

  7. Congrats to the winners and honorable mentions! Well deserved! :)

    It was a lot of fun.


  8. Congrats to the winners! I really enjoyed reading all the entries.

  9. Congrats to the winners. I read several of these.

  10. Oh ... my first blogfest win. Wow. That was really unexpected.
    I mean there were so many wonderful entries. I was even a bit sad once I'd finished reading them all, especially the shorter entries.
    I may just have to nab some of them when they come out, just so I can read the whole scene. >_>

  11. Congrats to the winners! A fun blogfest.

  12. Thank you so much. I'm with Aldrea... it's definitely unexpected. It was a great blogfest; thanks for hosting!

  13. Thank you! I was not expecting to be an honorable mention. Thank you so much, it means a lot! :D There was so many other amazing entries, I was sure I wasn't going to cross anyones mind. Congratulations to all the winners and other honorable mentions! :D


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