Monday, March 19, 2012

TWD Finale– “Beside the Dying Fire”

Where do I begin?
The car “chases”? Even though they weren’t really chasing anyone, more like mowing the zombies down or blowing off their heads. It reminded me of the wild wild west; back and forth on horseback poppin-a-cap in their asses brains. Smart move except it really didn’t put a dent in the horde of undead and it wasted valuable gas.
How Rick and Carl zigzagged their way in and out of the approaching zombies? Could you do it? Yes, yes I could. I would have to now wouldn’t I? And why would you set the barn on fire if you didn’t have an escape route? Thank goodness for Jimmy riding in on in his white horse RV. To bad the door was unlocked. May Jimmy rest in peace.
Then, the season and a half limp-a-long, performed by the zombie horde, which led directly to the farm. I’m starting to think these could be the unluckiest bastards known to the living race of humans. (It's the helicopters fault you know) Well technically the entire race is doomed, aren’t they? Dr. Jenner, that sneaky little devil, whispering to Rick the most valuable piece of information thus far.  They are all carriers of the virus and one stupid or smart move (depending on how you look at the Shane incident) can reanimate you. No wonder Dr. Jenner wanted to incinerate the entire complex. He didn’t want to be what he feared most. And if Rick knew this, then why did he turn his back on Shane. *rolling eyes*
Why doesn’t Lori or anyone else ever know where in the same hell Carl is? It is just the most precious thing in the whole wide world to her. Is it not? I think the theme this year is “Where is Carl?” Can someone find this boy a leash or hasn’t he ever heard of leaving a note? Also, why was she so pissed at Rick for killing Shane? Didn't the fickled broad ask for Rick to eliminate the problem? Ugh! Women!
How about that heroic save when Daryl swept in to save Carol? Can those two just get the deed over with already? All of this pent up sexual frustration is making me yawn. Daryl is hot – ok. I mean, what’s she waiting for?
And how-in-the-name-of-Pete did Andrea lose Carol so fast? Carol and Carl should both be put on lockdown. STAT!
And then we lose Patricia in the shuffle. Ripped from her sisters grip. R.I.P.
Favorite line all night… “Christ promised a resurrection of the dead,” … “I just thought he had something a little different in mind.” Could that have been any better? I seriously went “Damn Hershal!” (Getting all Revelations on us.)
When they finally did meet up… did they leave the blue truck there for Andrea? I hope so cause they could of syphoned the gas. ANDREA! Left in the woods, what seemed like days (not really people), killing every zombie chasing her, leaving a wake of dead – I mean really dead, in her path. Gun toting, rock bashing, badass hanging onto every thread of life. And just think – only last season a few months ago she wanted to kill herself.
*SPOILER ALERT!* - Hooded savior!
This brings me to the comic fan favorite – Michonne. Not yet revealed. Epic and true to the comic’s first exposure; except in the comic, she saves Otis, not Andrea. Yes, you saw right. Behind her swayed two zombies, chained, lacking their arms and jaws/teeth. Who are these two? Her boyfriend and his best friend. This brings us right on task with the beginning of Season 3 and the Prison.
Food for thought… after learning about what Jenner had told Rick and what has transpired. Who do you think the title The Walking Dead is referring to? The zombies or the humans?
Until next season my zombie lovin' friends!


  1. Nice recap. I'm right there with you on Lori. Rick really should consider just using her as zombie bait or something, a la Otis.

    I think Rick may have turned his back on Shane because it wasn't until Shane rose again that Rick knew Jenner was right about that whole we're all infected thing.

    And Hershel's line was awesome. My second favorite would be Rick at the end telling everyone this isn't a democracy anymore.

    Looking forward to season three!

    1. Zombie bait would be a good idea. I thought I was going to like her but she's real annoying now. I hope she doesn't get worse because of this whole Shane situation.

      I like how Rick is finally relocating his "boys". Man up already!

  2. Lori told Rick to take care of Shane! He didn't plan on killing him. But Shane killed the one guy (his name escapes me) in order to get Rick out in the field in order to kill him. Rick did it in self defence!

    I did like how Shane's gunfire brought the zombies to the field, after the helicopter brought them to the country. (Who was driving the helicopter?) It was like Shane still brought trouble even after he died.

    How does Carl keep sneaking off? It shouldn't be that hard to keep track of your son during the zombie apacolypse.

    I definitely think the title refers to the humans.

    1. Yeah, it bugged me that Lori was trying to get Rick to kill Shane, and then bugged out when he actually did.

    2. Yeah, it was self defense and very well executed. I liked the surprise of the knife.

      Hopefully the helicopter comes into play again in season 3.

      Humans is the what I think too.

  3. I have this in my Netflix queue. Sounds like I need to get watching it.

    1. Go watch it now! You're really missing out.

  4. Okay, I actually sat down to watch this with my husband and there's so many characters I just want to smack. (Lori and Carl mostly.)

    And I really find it hard to believe that Rick would be so stupid about Dr. Jenner's warning. (And FINALLY it's revealed!)

    1. Yes! I'm glad you watched it!

      I know! Lori and Carl is probably the most annoying of them all for now.

      I hate secrets. I think I would have been p.o'd if he didn't tell me either.

  5. I found the intro completely mystifying. This hoard of zombies shuffled all the way out to the farm because of a helicopter? There was nothing else along the way to distract them?

    But Daryl and Carol? Seriously? She looks like she could be his grandmother.

    Also, props to T-Dawg for making it through another season.

    1. Nice call! you would have thought something would have distracted them on the "million mile march" to the woods near the farm.

      She does look old but in the comics she actually has an afair with T-dog. No joke!


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