Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday - My Weeks To-do List

10. Grocery shopping – with 6 family members; food/drink doesn’t stand a chance.
9. Work meetings – if it wasn’t for these important yet boring things I wouldn’t know what was going on. Yeah right. But hey, it pays for my groceries.
8. Netflix – this will be on my list every week. My one out of a list full of weaknesses is movies.
7. Play outside – it’s hasn’t been a rough winter in the Hoosier state but the spring is welcomed with open arms all-the-same. Cabin fever can take a toll on the spirit.

6. Work on WIP – I’m never gonna get to my well awaited NEW WIP if I don’t finish the one I’m on. Grrr…
5. Work on A to Z – Even though my themes are polished and I’ve made my banners, I still need to finish putting my blogs together. I’m at letter F.

4. Hair – My husband, oldest son, and I have a hair appointment this Saturday. I love getting’ my hair did!
3. Myrtle Beach – The week before A to Z starts; the family and I will be relaxing on the beach in South Carolina. Oh the joy of family! I need to start preparing now. New suits, trunks, sunscreen, clothes prepared, food, etc...
2. Birthday! – My BFF (Am I too old to use that term anymore?) is celebrating her 31st birthday.

1. ISSMA – My oldest has his first ISSMA concert on Friday. He’s nervous as-all-get-out but I’m sure more people are. I have no idea. I’ve never played an instrument in my life. Well… I take that back. I have played tons of instruments but never in tune.

This picture is a couple of years ago. He won't let me take any new ones claiming it's "awkward". Teenagers!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Now that's one packed week. Enjoy and Happy Birthday Wishes to BFF, sorry brain can't work out what that means, must be tired...

    1. Hope you have caught up on your sleep.

      Thanks, I will let her know!

      (BFF) Best Friends Forever...

  2. Sounds like a great start to spring!

    About the a-z... I don't want to bombard your blog with questions, so I'll bombard your email. LMAO :)

    1. I know riiiiight! lol I can't wait for summer to get here.

  3. Ooo, I went to Myrtle Beach last year. So much fun!

    And I need to do my A to Z posts too :) haha

    1. I have never been to MB before so this is a new experience for the whole family. My mom is going to watch the kids for us.

      I will be checking your a to z's!


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