Monday, June 10, 2013

Express Yourself - Movies

Another week, another Express Yourself question!

This week Jackie and I want to know: What are the last two movies you saw?

I cheated a little...

In the TheaterThe Host and Jack the Giant Slayer

OnDemand RentalRed Dawn and Warm Bodies

Using XfinityMagic Mike and The Vow

Netflix Streaming - Transformers Dark of the Moon and Lorax

Today, Cover Girls is hosting Jessica Therrien! Stop by and check out the brief Interview for her UPRISING Blog Tour!! (My Blog Tour post will be this Saturday - she will be stopping by to talk about her character personality process).

And a huge thanks to everyone that joined in on the Heroes & Villains Blogfest! Jackie and I had a blast and it was so much fun finding out who everyone admired and loved to hate. We have more fests and hops brewing so make sure to keep your thinking caps close!

Hope everyone has a splended Monday!


  1. The blogfest was fun - thanks for hosting!
    Last two movies I saw were Fast and Furious 6 and Star Trek Into Darkness.

  2. I saw the Host when it came out, I enjoyed it :)

  3. I watched Magic Mike a few weeks ago on Netflix. I have no idea why I bothered to carry on watching it; it was terrible! I guess it was more about half naked men than anything else. Silly me for thinking there would be a storyline!!

  4. I want to watch Warm Bodies so bad!

    I LOVED The Vow and Magic Mike, and I heart Channing Tatum. That boy can dance! :)

  5. Wow, you listed so many movies, yet I haven't seen a single one of them! *shifty eyes*

  6. It was a great blogfest! I've been trying to see Magic Mike (a third time) lol. My sister has the DVD. I actually wanted to see Warm Bodies despite myself. loll

  7. You saw some good movies. Mine today are the last two I saw at the cinema.

  8. I've always wanted to see The Host, but I promised myself that I would read the book first.

  9. It's been a while since I've watched anything at the theater. I recently watched Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World. It was much better than I expected.

  10. *Great* job on that Heroes/Villains bloghop:)

    Movies? What are they, he said, typing slowly as the baby slept next to him...

    I also wanted to say thanks very much for stopping by and commenting on my recent D-Day post. (I'm still working through all the comments!)

    CSM Ryan's story has received an incredible amount of support and a HUGE *Thank you* goes to DL Hammons - and all the Blitzers :)

    PS: Bill said to let everyone know he really appreciated all the personal comments directed his way :)

  11. One of my last movies I watched On Demand was Red Dawn and really liked it, although, I love Chris Hemsworth, but didn't care for the actor who portrayed his brother. From Red Box we rented, Jack Reacher, also good and action packed, though, I've seen Cruise in better parts. All and all both entertaining movies.

  12. You've watched so many movies! Awesome! I don't have Netflix or any of that streaming stuff, just satellite TV channels. The last movie I watched was something awful on the Sci-Fi channel about a giant Moby Dick like whale and a bunch of people in a submarine. (My husband's choice.) Before that I watched the animated Puss In Boots. It was only a little better. But I usually prefer to watch documentaries on True Crime or reality TV, so I don't watch many movies to begin with. :-)


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