Monday, June 17, 2013

Express Yourself - Frequent Questions

Another week - another Express Yourself question! Jackie and I want to know: What are some questions that you get asked time and time again?

  1. Can I have some money?
  2. Can we buy _______? <-- fill in the blank on any regular grocery store run with the kids.
  3. Do you wanna ________? <-- any request made by the husband.

From "strangers"...
  1. How tall are you? - This is because I'm mini-sized. Answer - 5'2"
  2. How old are you? - People ask this after they find out I have 4 kids and the oldest is almost 15. Apparently I look young for my age! Bonus!! Answer - 35
Questions asked to family members in front of me...
  1. Is she always this way? (sarcastic/cynical/crass) Answer - Yes
  2. Is she ever serious? Answer - I have my moments.

What are some frequently asked questions you get? Have a great Monday!


  1. Lol! I have four kids and I get asked the age thing, too. :) In my case I think it' really, how did you get so many out in so short a time? ;)

  2. I can totally relate to my kiddos asking if they can have some money. LOL

  3. Lol! That first one is my daughter's favorite question - and my least favorite. I used to get the age question, but not the last year or two anymore. *sigh* Guess I'm beginning to look older ;)

  4. My wife's favorite question is "Will you take a look at my computer?" I get that one a lot.

  5. Hehe. This is a fun one. Can't wait to do it!

  6. Your answers here are hilarious. People asking my family if I'm this sarcastic/cynical/crass is me to a T. And the answer is a big fat YES I am always this way, I have no filter.

    They are all roughly around the same size so I always get asked if my girls are triplets. The answer is no, they are only a year apart, so I get why people come to this conclusion.

    I also get asked my age, a lot. I'm 41, but people are surprised by that. Most think I am younger. Not because I look so young, but most likely because I am so immature!!

  7. What is it with kids automatically asking for everything the minute you walk into any shop? Even when you've pre-warned them that they won't be getting anything?
    I'm glad it's not just me!

  8. I'm short too, a little over 5fth. These are some good questions.

  9. I have three kids so the most common question I here day in and day out is "WHY?"

  10. I don't often get asked for money, it's usually just, can I have that (current want of the day.) Gets old.

  11. Do we have any face cloths?
    Did you take the dog out?
    Where's the lid to my travel mug?
    Do you have any ones?
    Whatcha writing?
    Kids are off on their own, so the questions aren't repetitive any more on that front. These would be husband questions.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and adding to my blitzful day!

  12. Actually, "Can I have some money?" is another one that I didn't list.


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