Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life, Writing, Reading - A Needy Girl

I haven't been posting much lately - sorry.

If you could see me sitting here at my work station you'd see a girl that has one foot in the hole. Oh no, don't worry, this isn't one of those "Oh-whoa-is-me" type of posts. It's just me blabbering on about life, writing and reading.

Do I have insecurities? Sure.
Do I talk about them? Not really.
Why? Because I feel as though talking about it lets the universe know, and lets admit it, the universe can be pretty harsh sometimes.
Is it unhealthy not talking about it? Probably - this coming from someone that majored in Psychology.
Do I care? NO!

I have too much stuff in my life right now that keeps my mind busy and my insecurities away.

Yesterday was the "MOTHER" of all Mondays. Registered the kids at their new schools and each school had muffed up the paperwork. Didn't spell my son's last name (granted it is a difficult name to spell - very German - not the same as mine) and then they misplaced all of his paperwork.

Then at my daughters school they had her as a 6th grader instead of a 7th grader so they gave her the wrong locker and classes.

SERIOUSLY!? Deep breath, deep breath.

See, we went from a very small - don't blink - town to a very LARGE city. Old school 6-12 grades held 600 students, New school (high school only) holds over 2100 students and over 700 are freshman alone. My freshman son about died - maybe literally.

Anyways - my writing isn't moving along either. I have no desire at the moment. I have these great concepts and they flow in my head beautifully but when it comes to typing them out... forgetaboutit! I wish I had someone to write my stories for me. I explain - they write. Sounds like a win/win to me.

My only thing right now in the blogging world is to finish getting Kyra Lennon's post ready for Thursday and to finish writing my Twist piece for the "What If" Blogfest.

However I am way too busy reading these days. In between 40 hr/days, cooking, cleaning, 2 yr old, high schooler, and then the elementarian and middle schooler, I have little time to do anything besides sleeping and reading.

At the moment I'm obsessed with Carrie Ryan's zombie trilogy - OH SHOCKER! A zombie novel and then finish reading the 3rd installment of the 50 series I've started.

Why do I start so many at a time? I have an addiction to series. Don't get me wrong, I love the 'stand alone' novels too but I find it hard to let go of characters so "ologies" (as my 2 yr old calls them) works best for me.

So how is everyone else doing in the "real" world?
Life ok?
Writing coming along?
Any good "ologies" I need to read?

I'm needy - give me some book suggestions here! LMAO!


  1. *huggles* It really sucks when drama takes over. What a nightmare with your kids' school! It probably isn't helping your creativity any. :( Hopefully things will calm soon and you'll get your mojo back!

    Looking forward to being here on Thursday! <3

  2. I wish I had someone to edit my stories for me, leaving me more time for the writing. Any major changes, I'd do, but little stuff, I'd let them have it. :)

    I can't fathom a school with 2100 students. (well a high school). We had about 250 in our class and that wasn't bad. I knew who most people were, although didn't know them. But with 2100, that'd make me nervous about going to high school. Whew.

  3. I can relate to your Monday. *hugs*

  4. I know I have those days...a lot! You're not alone.

    Love the blog though. Smile :)

  5. Maybe consider Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group. It's not just about venting and the "Oh-whoa-is-me" and the "My work sucks" but also about helping others, offering encouragement, and meeting some really cool ppl!
    I think you'd like it!!!

    As for days like that, we must've been in-sync again because that's how mine went with school registration... and it's trickled into today.

  6. Oh man. Poor you and your kids. Hopefully the rest of the week is going better.

    Doing a lot of critiquing right now. Which I really enjoy, so its all good. Soon will be edits, which I enjoy as well :) haha

    Good luck with everything my dear! And remember, just because you're not physically putting anything to paper (or computer screen) doesn't mean you still aren't doing your writing job. Just keep thinking about those characters, the plot, their world. When you do have the desire (and time) to write, it will be that much easier :)


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