Friday, January 20, 2012

My Creative Side

A post I did on my second Versitle Blogger Award post, I mentioned that I made frames and some of you have asked to see them via Blogger or Twitter. Soooo, I have a taken only a few picstures of some of the frames I have made. My best ones I gave away for presents this year and didn't have time to take their pics but here is what I have...
This is a shadow box. The yellow lining, butterflies, and background I did using paper.

This picture frame border was covered in pictures of my late brother and the center piece I made using a stamp and cutout borders. Yes the borders are purposely off-center.

I love little frames that a adorned with adorable saying. Not every frame has to have a picture in it.

My second non-picture frame. 

One of my first collages of my kids around the border with a saying in the frame itself.
(Sorry about the glare)

These two frames sit on my desk at work. Left is cluttered with leaves and the right is me and my bestie surrounded my a map, cutouts, and our heart ying - yang sign.

This is a present I gave to a co-worker for Christmas so that's how I got a picture of it. These are my favorites. I did a whole series of these frames. From busy ones like this, to mod (simple) ones like I gave to my mother-in-law.

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