Monday, May 16, 2016

Expressing My FFF's

Express Yourself is a weekly meme. It's goal is to help our fellow bloggers get to know one another better, to help motivate one another, laugh (or cry) together, in other words – stalk.

May 9-13: Is there a celebrity whose death affected you in some way?

A few, yes:

1) Heath Ledger - I loved Heath since 10 Things I Hate About You. And work just got better and better from there.
2) David Bowie - I grew up listening to him and once I watched Labyrinth, I was hooked.
3) Prince - What can I say about Prince that everyone else has mention of late. He could do no wrong musically. His songs were pure magic.


Fast Five Friday is a weekly blog hop created by, us, Cover Girls. Revolving around lists of five, its purpose is to connect with writers, readers, viewers, and bloggers.

Friday got away from me last week, being the 13th and all.

Friday 13th: 5 fun things to do with you bestie:

1) Go to the movies
2) Shopping
3) Just being around them
4) Painting/crafting
5) Laughing

May, June & July FFF:


13 - 5 fun things to do with your bestie
20 – 5 ways to get yourself motivated
27 - 5 songs that get your creativity flowing


3 – 5 go-to breakfast foods
10 - 5 book characters you'd like to be friends with
17 – 5 movies you always watch when on
24 - 5 writers you want to collaborate with 


1 – 5 favorite things you like to wear
8 - 5 TV characters (past/present) you'd love to spend the day with
15 – 5 things you wish you knew then that you know now
22 - 5 things you wish you knew how to do
29 – 5 favorite modes of transportation



  1. Prince's death was sad. Dude wasn't much older than I am.
    Robin Williams' death was unsettling and stayed with me a while.

  2. Heath Ledger and Prince were definitely losses I felt. Second Alex when it comes to Robin William's death. Also Alan Rickman. Still can't believe he is really gone.

  3. I cried when Tim Russert died. He was so good with his political commentary. And he was such a huge Buffalo guy: he was from my hometown and he always signed off his weekly show with Go Bills. He gave a lot to the city and he is terribly missed.

    Michele at Angels Bark


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