Saturday, April 11, 2015

A to Z: J

For my 2015 AtoZ Challenge I'm featuring...

*4 random words/descriptions/tools about myself,
*1 blog I adore so much I would like everyone else to follow (it's only 26 new amazing blogs to add to your list if you haven't already),
*1, 2015 novel.
*Which all start with the letter of the day or as close as I could get).

Simple, fast posts so you can read, comment, and move on to the next A to Z blogger. Enjoy!
Randomness about Myself 

Junk Food
Jeep Girl

2015 Book


  1. Do you, or have you read all the books on your recommendation list? I've really fallen off the reading wagon of late, but I just can't find anything worthy (or capable) of grabbing my attention.

    The last book I read, and which I absolutely loved, was 'The Angel's Game' by Carlos Ruiz Tafón. If you haven't read it, I urge you to - you can thank me later :)

  2. Haha, junk food! I'd have to put that on my list, too. :)

  3. I'm not such a fan of Jeeps anymore, (I flipped in one once) but they used to be a love of mine!

  4. We just came back from a four day cruise and are laying off the junk food for a couple weeks. Amazing how much food one can eat on a cruise.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Cohost
    Twitter: @Stephen Tremp

  5. I'm loving all your book recommendations. So many have been added to my GoodReads list already!
    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge

  6. I could put junk food on my list too! Thanks for the tip about Julie Flanders. I found her blog very interesting as well.

  7. Junk food: my favorite J word. :)


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