Friday, October 24, 2014

Spooktoberfest - Gifted Ward

Welcome to the 3rd annual Spooktoberfest hosted by Cover Girls!

Today is the first day and it's running until Tuesday, Oct. 28th.

This is my attempt to bring a little bit of mild horror to brighten your Halloween drama!

Written in a matter of two hours - give or take a few minutes.

Gifted Ward
by Dani B.
Word Count: 300

“But I don’t want to go!” Walter said vehemently.
“Walter, please. This isn’t easy for me either. I can’t have you around Frankie and Beatrice after all the commotion you caused with your father yesterday,” she whispered, “The crotch of his trousers didn’t catch on fire by itself!” Mother held Walters hand as tight as she could through the halls of the, Gifted Ward, as she called it.

“I didn’t mean to Mama, you have to believe me. I didn’t mean to!” Walter yelled.

“I know,” Mother patted his hand, “you came out cursed. Fourteen years later I thought you would’ve grown out of it.” Mother wondered the hallway looking for the room number Doc told her. “Come on now, W–”, Mother paused as she spotted a little girl looking out a window.
The girl with long braids and a blue gown stood entranced in her picture window.  Mother’s attention, though, was on the little girls feet hovering several inches off the ground. The sight sent chills through Mother’s body like a virus. “Freaks,” Mother spitted under her breath.

When they finally arrived at room 991, Mother saw something even stranger than the little girl in room 987. A boy about Walters’s age squeezed through a thin slit in what looked like a cocoon suspended from the ceiling.
“Hello.” The boy bent into a flamboyant bow, tiny ripples fluttered up his back until a pair of wings unhitched and cascaded down his back, peaking out the bottom of his shirt, “I’m Markim,” he said when he stood.

Mother ignored it, turned, and left Walter standing there.
“So,” said Markim, “what brings you here?”

A black feeling weld up inside of Walter, “My father has been doing bad things to my little sister so I scorched him where it mattered.”

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  1. I think I like Walter too. What an interesting place the Gifted Ward is. Well done on the 300 word challenge :)

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to fire crotch. That father deserved it. Quite a creepy read there Dani. Thanks for co-hosting a third Spooktoberfest.

  3. Love this, gives you chills just thinking about it.

  4. This was really good and I definitely love the way Walter took care of things.

  5. That last sentence really got me. Not what I expected. Way to go, Walter!

  6. Oh nice; I love a good retribution story.

  7. Loved the punchline! Actually, enjoyed it all, lots of material for other stories :)x

  8. Yes! Love that last line.

  9. OOH!!!! Awesome story, Dani! Loved it!

  10. I LOVED this! I'd love to read a novel based off of this. Go Walter!


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