Thursday, July 17, 2014

EYM: Grade School Memories

July 14-18: What is a favorite grade school memory?
One of my favorite memories was the bicentennial of the United States. I remember we had to bring 200 of the same items to school. I brought 200 pennies. And then we made a collage out of what we brought using pictures we found in magazines that had to do with the growth of our nation in the 200 year span; technology, cities, currency, buildings, etc etc.

It is one of my favorite memories cause I won first place in my grade for the girls!! Go me!!

Plus... I rocked the 80's hair style!! No, unfortunately I don't have a pic...

What's your favorite grade school memory?!


  1. Congrats! But how old are you?! lol Or why was your school celebrating the Bicentennial in the 80s? hehe

  2. Idk!! But it 1986 when they made is do this project.

  3. I think you do have pictures, you just don't want to post. (or maybe that'd be me. ;)

    I remember doing dance in gym. We hated it, but loved it. Loved the fun stuff, the hustle and the popcorn, hated square dancing. Ewww-you had to hold hands with boys. Well maybe if it was the right boy. :)

    Did you learn the popcorn? That's still an awesome song. They probably don't do it any more.


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