Thursday, January 16, 2014

Healthy Hump Day - Headaches

I’m totally disappointed with myself. Yesterday I forgot to post my Healthy Hump Day post. Why? Because, while I was at work I was totally sucked into a book and in between the buttloads of work on my desk, I would sneak in a few pages. Alright, maybe more than a few pages because I finished the whole book in one day. What book was it, you ask? Sick by Tom Leveen.
Anywho, on with my Healthy Hump Day post. What is Healthy Hump Day? It’s Wednesday, more specific, its Health posts I will be posting on Wednesday. Each week I will blog about different Health topics, show diagrams and pictures I find from Pinterest or Net. Maybe even some home remedies that were passed down over the years.
This week’s topic – Headaches

One of life’s pains that can purely unravel someone. I suffer from lightweight, annoying headaches to full-blown migraines. Debilitating, need all the blinds closed and light off, pull the covers over my head – migraines.
Sinus headaches - a trick to find out if your head is pounding because of a sinus headache is... breathe in heavily through your nose. During the intake, if your headache vanishes, then you are likely experiencing a sinus headache. I will post more on this at a later date.
There are several remedies from quick fixtures to life changers. Here are a few quick fixes, depending on your opinion, none of these are rather healthy, though I am a loyal Mountain Dew drinker. Hopefully I can fix this habit.
Self-medicating – Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.

Pressure Points and messages can take the headache away for a short time or permanently, depending on how long your apply the pressure. Shoulder rubs are a great way to alleviate pain.

Yoga, being a lifestyle change, is a vital way to reduce the onslaught of headaches and stress.

Nondrug, herbs, homeopathies are another amazing way to make subtle changes in your diet and every day that can help with decreasing the frequency of head pain, joint pain, and even sinus pain.

Hope some of these little tricks and hints help!


  1. I suffer from severe migraines. I've tried everything. I even gave up coffee and chocolate for about six months. (Longest six months of my husband's Entire Life) I'm still off the chocolate. Coffee slowly crept back into my diet. But I don't drink nearly as much of it as I used to.

  2. Ironic that the book you were reading on healthy hump day was called Sick- just saying- LOL

  3. I gotta remember those remedies, especially the yoga ones. They look cool. Now I'm off to look up Sick by Tom Leveen to see why you're so excited by it! :)

  4. The only time I get a headache is when I indulge too much! My wife on the other hand suffers from chronic migraines. I empathize with those that suffer.

  5. I sometimes get sinus headaches, although a lot less than I used to. There are pressure points on your face that will also relieve the tension of a sinus headache.


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