Monday, January 27, 2014

Express Yourself - Self Reflection

Express Yourself Meme is a way for our community to learn a little more about each other.

This week, Jackie and myself want to know...

Is there anything you'd like to change, or work on, about yourself this year?

Of course! I'm always trying to work on myself. I think everyone should in some form or another. Like...
  1. To look in the mirror and love myself more.
  2. To embrace what makes me unique. (my laugh, the way I walk, my opinions, what I like, etc.)
  3. Not dropping the ball on my commitments.
  4. Learn to take a more positive outlook on others' choices.
  5. Stop judging books by their covers (literally!).
What are somethings you are wanting to work on about yourself?

Have a happy Monday!


  1. I'll probably still judge books by their covers.
    I want to continue improving my guitar playing and ease back so I have more time for real life activities.

  2. Hmmm get off the internet a bit more, may work for my shore

  3. postive outllok on choices of others..greattt

  4. Hmmm... I think I need to try and not care about what other people think so much... I definitely struggle with that sometimes!

  5. You'll see my list tomorrow. Keeping commitments and loving yourself are great items to improve on Dani.


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