Monday, December 10, 2012

Express Yourself - Dream Winter Getaway

It's Monday and with it brings our weekly Express Yourself meme. But before we get to that, how was everyone’s weekend? Awesome! Mine was relaxing. Last night I watched Journey 2/ Mysterious Island. It was cute - had some pretty funny parts. Best line "hope it doesn't like a grown man with poop his pants." I busted a gut!

Anyways, this week Jackie and I are asking - What is your Dream Winter Getaway?

Tropical of course.

Some people LOVE the snow. I like it for about a day or two. And this usually consists of the weekend when I don't have to drive in it and if I do it’s for fun. I'm over it by the time Monday comes when I have to drive in it throughout the week. Fortunately it hasn't snowed as of yet due to higher temps. However I would love a white Christmas and not a muddy one. But I'm always guaranteed snow on my birthday. And my poor daughter usually gets a blizzard on hers.

This is why a TROPIC vacay would come in handy this time of year!

Some place where the sand is white and soft as silk beneath my toes. And the ocean is vast and as clear as a summer sky. A place that makes my kids act like angels and provides activities to keep them happy. Maybe some place a little secluded too.

So how about you? What is your Dream Winter Getaway?


  1. I'd like a tropical getaway too. Snow lasts way too long around here and the warm sunshine would be nice.

  2. We chose the same thing. Go figure. LOL

  3. Amen! I so want to go someplace sunny for the winter :D

  4. I live somewhere that never gets cold so part of me would like to go sledding at a huge ski-lodge or something cool like that. BUT I do love my sunny weather. That's half the reason I moved to the south.

    And, any dream vacation for me would normally include Disney, since i am kind of a Disney fanatic. Soooo...I'm torn on this one. haha

    Maybe I will just join you and Jackie at your resort. :)

  5. Nice pics. As I live in a tropical paradise, if I had a choice I would like to go somewhere with snow.

  6. I live in the tropics so you can pop by Jamaica for some great sun bathing and R&R. I kind of want to see snow but the cold, snow pile ups and blizzards make me hesitant.


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