Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A to Z Quizzes - E

This year for the challenge I wanted to do something different and fun and yet, something that everyone does from time to time... Quizzes.

What kind of quizzes you ask? Facebook Quizzes of course. We have done at least one so I went on a quiz rampage and took several.

Here are my E's:


  1. Thanks for sharing. Some of those quizzes can be really funny.

  2. Quizzes are a weakness. You really shouldn't flash these things in front of me or I might get so distracted I forget to...

    Crystal Collier

  3. I love those quizzes! Except for the time one of them said the literary character I was most similar to was Holden Caulfield. Then I was mad.

  4. You must have done so many quizzes. lol Uh-oh Elsa?! Well as long as you embrace the loves in your life, you're good. :D


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