Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm a HUGE Loser and Here is Why...

I'm a HUGE Loser and Here is Why...

I have not been around lately!

I've been in my new position at work, shy a couple of months, and I've been swamped with new tasks and just the workload is keeping me on my toes. So to make up for it, I'm gonna bombard you with a ton of EYM answers....

May 18-22: What quirks does you BFF have that you adore, because it makes them unique?

1. She does this cute sound with her mouth when she is thinking. It's a cross between a chirp and a snap.
2. I'm also a hair twirler but she has longer hair so when she gets in one of her hair twirling frenzies she'll slap herself in the face/eye every time.
3. We have favorite sides when it comes to taking pictures.
4. She views her left and right differently than most people. I've learned to give directions as if I'm the seekee not the seeker.

I love everything about her!

May 25-29: Name a few things you like to eat while writing.

1. Chocolate
2. Chips & Salsa
3. Anything in arms reach.

June 1-5: Pick ONE of your 5 senses you find most important to you.


Touch... taste... those seem super important too but I think sight would be the most important to me. I wouldn't want to miss watching my kids grow up. Sure I'd want to hear their sweet voices and feel their sweet kisses but I'd want to see their sweet smiling faces. I wouldn't want to miss the colors, or animals, or experience things live, die, grow, everything that has to do with life. I think you can experience a lot through your other senses as well but sight is the one I'd like to keep. And I'm sure some feel the same about the other senses as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

I promise I will make time to post at least on Fridays for EYM and Fast Fridays.

June 5: Books You couldn't put down. (I only chose series)

Hunger Games series by
Anna Dressed in Blood series by
Rot & Ruin series (aka Benny Imura) by
The Lunar Chronicles by
Finishing School series by


  1. Hope work settles down for you soon!

    It's strange imagining living without one of the senses. Sight would be most important for me too but I could lose my sense of smell. I'm not really too bothered about nice smelling things and it would be good to cut out the awful ones!

  2. Aww. You love my quirks?!?! I'm glad they don't drive you too batty! :)

  3. Hey, new jobs are more important! But I liked catching up. :D

  4. Ahh, I was missing you, but I forgive you for being gone cause I've been kinda gone from blogging too. Hope to see more of you, but I get it if... you know, the whole work and family life thing comes first. ;)


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