Monday, August 11, 2014

EYM - Express Yourself

Aug. 11-15: What is one thing Steampunk-ish you find fascinationg from books, TV, movies and/or the internet (i.e. fashion, mechanics, idea, etc)?

What a fun concept. Mechanical animals. I would love a pet made out of gears.

A coal powered animal would be marvelous! Fuel? It goes all day on a few pieces of coal and when it’s done, it disposes a diamond out its backside! A woman’s best friend, two “birds” on “stone”.

Is there something Steampunkish you love/like!!


  1. For myself? Gadgets. Personal gadgets. Decoder rings, gear waistcoats, ocular-enhancement-extendable gear. Anything that has too many words in its title and makes me think of steam engines and gears. Steampunk is a real delight, an endless trove of maybe it could-have-happened's. Yes, I'm gushing. I'm also posting here because I'm running busy like mad, but I'm hoping to jump into your Express Yourself challenges very soon!


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